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Coming Soon

We are excited to announce our store in Barry will be opening on the 4th April 2023! Usual business hours will be 9:30 to 5:30 Tuesday to Saturdays.

We are located at 28 Holton Road, CF63 4HD. Please keep your eye out for more information of the brands we will be selling by following us on our facebook page, our instagram or sign up for our mailing list (see homepage).

We look forward to meeting you and thanks for all the support we have received so far!

Loaded Dice is 3 years old as of January 2023 and it is fitting that we are now ready to move on to the next exciting phase of sharing our love for hobbies, games, toys and collectibles. We have been selling solely online for the past three years and whilst this has been good for us as a business it has not given us the ability to reach out to people in the way that we would like.

Opening a shop has always been a part of our plan and we came close many times only for small things like... a global pandemic, to stop us. We have built a considerable range of hobby products and we feel like Barry is in need of a shop for model makers, railway enthusiasts, wargamers, board gamers & tabletop gaming enthusiasts.

We want to create an exciting store and somewhere that not only seasoned hobbyists can enjoy but somewhere you can bring your kids to introduce them to hobbies, games and collecting. A real family experience.

Talking of family, did I mention we are a family run business? I set up Loaded Dice on my own but gradually I have roped in the family to help me (and as it turned out they quite enjoyed it) so now we all work together. But, we will be looking for local help in the shop so please keep your eyes peeled for vacancies.

We are very much looking forward to meeting residents and fellow business owners of Barry and we hope that we can contribute positively to the community and bring something really exciting and unique to the shopping experience.

Graham (Owner)

Loaded Dice Ltd