Dixit Expansion 4: Origins


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Dixit: Origins is the fourth expansion for the 2010 Spiel Des Jahres Winner, Dixit. This expansion offers 84 new cards with a voyage of discovery theme similar to the base game. These Origins cards can be used by themselves or mixed with the cards of the base game.

The Origins cards are illustrated by Clément Lefevre in a style very in-keeping with the original Dixit and feature such things as a man and his shadow that have swapped places, a boy asleep in his bed which is floating on a stormy sea, a giant carrying a mermaid through a forest, a woman being rained on while the woman next to her with an umbrella is dry, a levitating elderly lady in a chair, a ballerina buried to her waist in ice, and so on.

To play Dixit, each player will be dealt six images (cards) and must keep them hidden from the other players. The first player is the “storyteller” and makes up a sentence or single word for one of their images and says it out loud to the other players. The other players then choose an image from their own hand that best matches the storyteller’s sentence. All images are then handed to the storyteller (face-down, so no one can see what they are. The storyteller then shuffles them all together and lays them out face-up on the table.

Players must then try to guess which image is the storyteller’s and vote in secret by placing one of their voting tokens face-down on the table – once everyone has voted, all voting tokens are revealed and placed on the image they voted for.

If all players or no players guess the storyteller’s image correctly then the storyteller scores zero points and everyone else gets two points. In any other case the storyteller gets three points and so do all players who found the storyteller’s image. Additionally, each player (except the storyteller) gains one point for each vote that was placed on their image.

Each player then draws a new image to bring their hand back to six images and the new storyteller for the next turn is the player to the left of the previous storyteller. Play continues until a player reaches (or passes) 30 points.

This expansion includes no scoring board or tokens, so you can either use the Dixit base game to play with it or you could track the score on a pad and create your own voting tokens.

  • Player Count: 3-6
  • Time: 30 Minutes
  • Age: 8+