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Hobby Hamper - Weathering Bundle

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When they're gone, they're gone!

Hobby Hamper is a limited time only deal designed to give the best value for hobbyists and model makers.

Each bundle is expertly curated by our team to provide high quality products from the best manufacturers at the best price possible.

Weathering Bundle Includes:

  • AK Interactive Weathering Brushes - Includes 5 brushes to get awesome weathering effects - RRP £14.99
  • AK Interactive Basic Weathering Set - Odourless Thinner, Worn Effects Fluid, Neutral Dark Grey Wash - RRP £14.99
  • AK Interactive Chipping Essentials Weathering Set - Aluminium Chipping, Chocolate Chipping, Worn Effects Fluid, Heavy Chipping Fluid - RRP £19.99
  • AK Interactive NATO Weathering Set - Rain marks for NATO Tanks, Wash for NATO, Filter for NATO - RRP £14.99
  • AK Interactive Decay and Abandoned Weathering Set - Faded Green Pigment, Decay Deposits, Moss Deposits - RRP £14.99
  • AK Interactive Dust & Dirt Deposits Weathering Set - Sand Yellow Deposit, Light Dust Deposit, Brown Earth Deposit - RRP £11.99
  • AK Interactive Rust & Streaking Weathering Pencils - Light Rust, Medium Rust, Dark Rust, Strong Ochre, Vivid Orange - RRP £7.99
  • AK Interactive Metallic Effects Weathering Pencils - Aluminium, Gold, Dark Aluminium, Bronze, Copper - RRP £7.99

Bought separately all items have an RRP of over £100! Save £25 (25%)