Pandemic Legacy Season 1 (Blue)

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Pandemic Legacy Season 1, from Rob Daviau and Matt Leacock, is the first in a bold brand-new version of the classic original Pandemic. Set across a whole year, one that the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) and players themselves will never forget. This version of the game bolsters legacy mechanics to its tried and tested formula.

Whilst it isn’t necessary to have played the original game, fans of its gameplay will be pleased that this seamlessly builds upon the main game without spoiling the experience. Pandemic Legacy Season 1 adds a progressive story with unlockable elements, rule additions, stickers and many secrets…as you progress through the story, your copy will become unique to you and your friends.

The skeleton under the game remains the same, save the world from a global pandemic by sending your disease control team from city to city, eradicating the viruses and locking down outbreaks. Teamwork is paramount and the players must work together against the game engine to survive to another month. Each player role has a special skill set that will help the team. Players spend 4 action points a turn moving to different cities across a map of the world, eradicating disease or using special actions. At the end of each player turn, the game brings out more disease (coloured cubes) and existing locations can spread out via connecting routes.

In a first for the series, player characters can acquire new skills, made worse or even be ‘lost’ across the campaign. The game itself sends out more disease by random dispersal of card draws meaning no two games will be similar. Adding in the ongoing legacy mechanic only serves to draw the players into a highly personal story where short term decisions can have long-term consequences.

The components are very well produced including a lot of secrets that we cannot possibly describe here. As you progress through the campaign, the story deck of cards (don’t peek…) will tell you what to unlock next as well as giving new briefing information. The game packs down well, saving your game state from month to month as you play over multiple sessions.

This version of the Pandemic Legacy Season 1 comes with a Blue box art, different to the Red box art packaging. There is no difference between versions other than the exterior box.

  • Player count: 2-4
  • Time: 60 minutes
  • Age rating: 13+