Zombie Kidz Evolution



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Zombie Kidz Evolution brings all the excitement of a legacy game to a family friend co-op. Opening the box you will find a series of sealed numbered envelopes, which you will be tempted to open straight away. Resist your urges though as these envelopes contain gameplay elements that you will earn the more you play. Best of all this legacy game is totally playable at the end - no destroying any components here!

The game starts off super simple. The goal is always the same - to lock all the gates to the school and stop the zombies entering. Every turn a dice will spawn more zombies and you will have to move around dealing with them as well as locking up the gates.

There is a clever ‘achievement’ system that sees you earn trophies in the form of stickers for winning games and performing certain feats. At certain points you will hit a symbol that lets you open the next envelope. This will bring a plethora of changes slowly into the game with new…everything! Think zombies, characters with unique powers, rule changes and so on.

Younger folk in the family will love the excitement of opening up these envelopes to see what’s inside and then immediately want to try out the new stuff. Which is doable as each game takes around 15 minutes.

Zombie Kidz Evolution is a family game that keeps on giving. It has brilliant components and an addictive gameplay loop of win, unlock, play again! It’s been so successful that there is a second game on the way - Zombie Teenz Evolution, while you wait jump in on this one!

  • Player count: 2-4
  • Time: 5-15 minutes
  • Age rating: 7+