What to expect from our updated website

What to expect from our updated website

With our shop open we are now full steam ahead with our website update, this will involve adding all of the products from our store onto the site, with amazing pictures and descriptions.

But why should you even care? Websites themselves are not terribly exciting, we appreciate that but as a customer we think we know what you want...

1. Live stock levels

We have fitted our shop with an incredible till system that not only allows us to process in store payments but also seamlessly links with our website. This means that the inventory management will be up to date and live, if we have it in store then it'll be on the website, and vice versa.

But why do you care about this? Well basically it means you don't have to waste time emailing, calling or even popping in if you don't need to. Merely check it's in stock on our site and head down.

But what if it sells out before you get to us??!...

2. Click and Collect

If you're concerned about the availability of an item then merely purchase it on our website, select click and collect at checkout and we'll take it off the shelf and reserve it for you within minutes!

There will be a limited time to come and collect the item but it will be plenty of time for anyone local to get in.

But what if I can't collect?...

3. Delivery Options

We are currently looking into local delivery options for our customers who are less mobile, if we can make this work we absolutely will do, however this is dependent on the cost to implement.

In addition we will of course offer national delivery options on all items on our website.

4. Pre-Order and Back Orders

Pre-orders and back orders are essentially the same thing, a pre order is simply something that hasn't been released by the manufacturer yet.

With our website we will be able to seamlessly manage our pre/back orders. So if we don't have it in stock but we can get it for you then you will be able to purchase to reserve your copy.

This will be particularly useful for items that are hard to get hold of before release, you can show your interest by purchasing and then we can allocate you one from our suppliers and get it in for release day.

Likewise any back order would just be like reserving an item that we normally get in, this will be particularly useful at times like Christmas when demand is high.


Thanks for taking the time to read, we will update you further as the site nears completion.